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10 Smart New Year’s Resolutions For Seniors

10 Smart New Year’s Resolutions For Seniors


The start of a new year signals an opportunity to review and renew ourselves – and it’s even more important to embrace that opportunity as we age. After all, it’s never too late to adjust your lifestyle and develop new habits that will result in a happier, healthier, and younger-feeling you.   

At Integrated, we believe that sticking to these ten resolutions will help fulfill the needs of any senior, and prepare them for a fruitful and prosperous new year. The decision to commit to these changes will help you gain control of your well-being and reinvigorate your life!

Here are ten smart resolutions seniors are making this New Year: 


1. Embrace technology and the use of social media

In this day and age, technology is king. And while there is no replacement for in-person interaction, technology can provide countless fun and interactive ways to connect with loved ones every day.   

Now more than ever, that ability to connect is truly a blessing.Through social networks, today’s seniors can stay in touch with family, locate old friends, engage with their community and join interest groups for any hobby or pastime imaginable.  

Connecting in a digital world can feel further from reach with age, but it doesn’t have to. Software developers, such as our partner iN2L, have created senior-friendly devices which equip today’s older generation with the ability to communicate with others at a pace they prefer. 

With iN2L, our assisted living residents have the capability to easily video chat with friends & family, browse interests online, share photographs, play games and much more. As many devices are now catering to older adults, more seniors are finding it easier to embrace technology and experience all the good it has to offer.


2. Take on a new interest, or re-visit a favorite hobby

It is never a bad time to acquire a new interest or reignite the creative spark you once had! Revisit the woodworking or pick up that paintbrush. Whatever it may be, research shows that focusing on a particular interest helps keep our minds sharp, and reduces the risk for dementia and cognitive decline as we age. 

Our Integrated communities do a superior job of hosting engaging events and classes that focus on many skills and interests. With a robust calendar of activities, it’s easy for our residents to explore new and old interests within the company of others.   




3. Strengthen and develop your relationships

Enjoying hobbies with others brings us to our next resolution – more socialization!  It’s no secret that developing social bonds and maintaining a sense of connection with others does wonders for our well-being. Not only is living in isolation lonely – it’s hazardous to your health!   

Moving into a retirement community is an easy way to reach out and meet others, but volunteering, becoming involved within your community, or visiting your local senior center are also good options for meeting others.   


4. Make an effort to exercise more

By the age of 75, exercise has drastically declined in 1 out of 3 older adults.This year, work to beat that statistic and improve your health in the process! Only moderate physical activity is needed for you to experience tremendous results. A 30-minute walk or a low to moderate weight workout is all it takes to start reducing your blood pressure, prevent joint swelling, and strengthen those muscles and bones!  

Exercise also improves your stability which decreases your risk of falling, and reduces the likelihood of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other unfortunate ailments.