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Discover the endless opportunities and possibilities for you at your new home.

Imagine the possibilities at Integrated Senior Lifestyles in Southlake, Texas

The Possibilities are Endless

This time of life is all about you—free from your responsibilities and obligations and ready to take on passions you love with new friends. Life at Integrated is an opportunity to explore your options and focus on your happiness. Explore your passion and hobbies. Indulge every bite in our restaurant-style dining. Meet new friends. Or relax and recharge. Your next chapter is filled with endless opportunities.

Pursue Your Passions

What brings you happiness and purpose? Whether it's expressing yourself through art or music, staying fit in group classes, or through the act of giving back to the community, we want to nurture your passions. Our purpose-driven programming ensures our residents are engaged and enriched in all our activities and programs. Along the way, you'll connect with current residents who share your passions and interests and meet new friends while experiencing new adventures together.

Explore Programs & Activities
Explore and Engage at Integrated Senior Lifestyles in Southlake, Texas
Savor Every Meal at Integrated Senior Lifestyles in Southlake, Texas

Indulge Every Bite

Whether it's a favorite food to share with your friends and family or the excitement of trying new cuisines, each and every meal should be one you look forward to. Our dining experiences are tailored to your specific taste, preferences, and dietary needs and restrictions.

Discover Dining & Eateries

Build Lasting Friendships

We take joy in uniting individuals. Come and be part of our lively happy hours, game nights, live entertainment, and so much more. Meet up with residents for exciting excursions to explore local attractions and cultural events. Enjoy some retail therapy, or host your very own gathering in our exclusive private dining room, welcoming friends and family. There's always a reason to celebrate in our communities surrounded by good company.

Experience the Social Life
Get to Know Your Neighbors at Integrated Senior Lifestyles in Southlake, Texas
Make Yourself at Home at Integrated Senior Lifestyles in Southlake, Texas

Home Sweet Home

Every inch of Integrated is expertly designed with your safety and comfort in mind, from our exquisitely designed common areas to your own personalized residence. We prioritize your comfort and safety by carefully selecting beautiful designs and furniture pieces to create a welcoming space. Down to every last detail, each room is to enrich your experience.

Discover Comfort & Safety

Choose Certainty with Continuum of Care

As life continues, care levels and needs might change. We collaborate regularly with residents and their family members to assist them best and adjust their personalized plans according to where they are in their journey. No matter where you are in your journey, we offer a Continuum of Care to meet your care needs and lifestyle. Our communities provide various care levels, including Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Short-Term Stays.

Continuum Care at Integrated Senior Lifestyles in Southlake, Texas

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