Life’s Best Chapters Unfold Here

Step into the next chapter of your journey and embrace a life defined by your own dreams.

Live Life with Purpose

It is the time to finally do what you love with good friends and the encouragement of team members who are there to make your passions come to fruition.

It's More Fun Here at Integrated Senior Lifestyles in Southlake, Texas

Finally, Do What You Love

Unsure what’s on your schedule for today? Want to play a fair, competitive game of pickleball, or how about taking a splash at water aerobics? Defend your crown in a card game? Visit the new museum? Grow something beautiful in our community garden. Opportunities are endless at Integrated. Our program and activities make it simple to support you in pursuing your life’s passions and discovering new experiences.

Our Fundamental Principals

We take a comprehensive approach to wellness and engagement, providing various options tailored to your individual interests and passions. Our communities have multiple activity coordinators to manage our programs and activities to best engage residents in getting the most out of their activities and lives.

Thriving with Action

Regular physical activity can benefit seniors’ health and well-being. A certified physical therapist coordinates all our fitness classes and various activities in each of our communities. Studies show that physical activity prevents dementia and common diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Reduce the risk of falls by improving overall balance, coordination, and stability. Our program enhances our residents' strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. Take action, move towards something, and feel a sense of belonging.

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Thriving with Learning

Exercise shouldn’t just be physical. Your brain is like any other muscle; learning something new keeps the mind and memory sharp with cognitive exercises. We tailor our learning programs to best connect with our residents’ interests but also to keep the brain actively engaged. Participate in technology training classes, group discussions, and fun trivia events encouraging long-term memory, cueing, and sensory integration. Look forward to learning new things.

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Thriving with Engagement

Staying socially active can significantly impact overall health, such as improved emotional health, cognitive function, and physical health. Studies have shown that social engagement can create a sense of belonging and higher self-esteem. Connect with those who are just like you at bingo nights or happy hours and form lasting friendships and self-confidence. Get involved, meet new people, and look forward to every day.

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Thriving with Creativity

Creating art and learning about art encourages creative expression and improves cognitive health, self-esteem, physical health, and overall mental health in older adults. We want to encourage our residents to realize their talent and the opportunity that’s still up ahead. We want to empower our residents to discover their talents and embrace the endless possibilities. Learn, discuss, share, and create art with your friends at Integrated.

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*If there’s something you love to do that we don’t already offer, please just let us know! Like any strong community, it's the unique contributions of our members that make us special.

Thrive Your Way, On Your Time

Our communities are full of opportunities to thrive. We want our residents to have fun doing what they love. Our residents' passions and interests inspire our activities program. Let us know if there's something you're passionate about or love that we don’t offer. Like any strong community, it's the contributions of our residents that make us unique.

Choose from a long list of activities throughout our communities:

  • Fitness classes such as pickleball, Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi, and water aerobics
  • Painting and art
  • Brain games like crossword puzzles, trivia, and word searches
  • Music, singing, and dancing
  • Flower arranging and gardening
  • Outings to local attractions and culture
  • Games such as mahjong, bridge, Rummikub, bingo, and poker

We also offer religious and spiritual events, including church services, daily devotions, and Bible studies.

Join us for a program or event in your local community.

*If there’s something you love to do that we don’t already offer, please just let us know! Like any strong community, it's the unique contributions of our members that make us special.

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