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Top 10 Assistive Devices Every Senior Needs at Home

Top 10 Assistive Devices Every Senior Needs at Home


Top 10 Assistive Devices Every Senior Needs at Home 

Like everybody else, seniors want to enjoy their independence as they grow older, but may not be able to do so as freely as everyone else. The advancement in age predisposes them to accidents, falls, and the need for close monitoring to ensure their basics needs are taken care of at all times. Thankfully, technology and the prevalence of assistive devices have made it possible for seniors to enjoy their golden days in the comfort of their homes.

With seniors prone to declining health, being on certain medication, or sometimes not having a caregiver present when needed, these assistive devices play a crucial role in keeping them safe and well attended to.

From wireless monitoring devices to automatic medicine dispensers, there is a wide selection of assistive devices to help seniors live independently at home until further care or more socialization is needed.

Here are the top ten devices that are sure to help older adults keep safe at home:


1) MediaSmart Automatic Pill Dispenser

As the name suggests, this device is useful in dispensing medication. Additionally, it remotely alerts caregivers through email and phone if the medication has not been dispensed. As an additional reminder, the device also sounds an alarm if the user has not taken the medication, or has forgotten that they did and are about to take another dosage.

With only a landline, you are sure to get daily reminders about medication and refills.  What a relief for those with elderly family or loved ones living at home!


2) Touch Finger Print Door Lock

1 Touch Finger Print Door Lock is a fingerprint-activated door lock. It uses a fingerprint in place of keys to lock and open doors. Besides preventing future door lockouts, it keeps off intruders who may want to take advantage of your loved one's advanced age to access the house without permission. This ensures that even in your absence, your senior member of the family is safe.


3) MobileHelp Fall Detector

It is well known that as we age, we become more prone to accidental falls - especially those with limited mobility. This technology detects falls through a wrist button or waterproof neck pendant; essentially, it detects body movement and warns your loved one when they are about to slip. It is particularly useful in the bathroom where falls are likely to happen. What makes it attractive is the fact that it offers 24/7 live monitoring services. This ensures seniors are safe whether in the bathroom or up and about their day.


4) First Alert Motion Sensing Light

Rugs, and even high-pile carpet can be a trip hazard for our elderly. This problem can be resolved by incorporating First Alert Motion Sensing Light. It's a device that is inserted into a socket and illuminates the room by sensing motion. With the device, your loved one does not have to fumble with switches every time they want to use light. This automatically lights the room when there is someone inside. As an added advantage, it can help conserve energy as it switches off when you leave the room.


5) Burner Alert for Stovetops

There is nothing more dangerous than getting caught up in other activities in the middle of making a meal in the kitchen. With Burner Alert for Stovetops, seniors can be notified that the stovetop is in use and can therefore check to see that nothing is burning. Is your loved one already forgetting things or getting increasingly absentminded? This device can go a long way in keeping them safe while cooking alone.



6) Canary Home Security System

The security of your loved ones is paramount. Canary Home Security System comes with a video recording with cloud storage of up to 30 days. It also comes with a night vision and a siren that you can control remotely. It allows you to monitor temperatures and humidity in the house to ensure your loved one enjoys a comfortable environment. With the device, you can keep an eye on burglars or people who may target older adults who live alone.