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Mom's Big Move: A Resident Success Story (As told by a son)


Mother knows best, and for resident Ida, the decision to move to an Integrated senior living community was no exception. A vast majority of residents and their adult children agree that while selecting and moving into a retirement community comes with its unique hurdles and challenges, it reaps great reward for both the resident and their loved ones.

Ida’s son, Frank, is one of many who contributes to Integrated Senior Lifestyles’ community, culture and care towards transforming his mother’s life. Eager to share his experience with others going through similar situations, Frank sat down with Integrated to answer a few questions that may be on the mind of many.


What positive change have you seen most from Mom since making the move?

My brothers and I have seen a major change in my mother’s health, particularly her disposition. Mom has become much more upbeat since making the move. She has made many new friends and joined several activities that keep her busy throughout the day.


As an influencer in this decision, what was most important to you in making the selection?

Above all else, my brothers and I wanted our mother to be happy. Following my father’s passing, we moved our mom to Texas from Phoenix. She was lonely, and missed her friends in Phoenix. When the pandemic hit, my mom was unable to go outside, join senior groups and engage in activities. It was evident to us all that we needed to find an active environment within her budget that was safe and allowed her to maintain her independence.


Do you think Mom's quality of life has improved since her move?

Absolutely! I hear it from my brothers and others that my mother is upbeat and excited to share what she does on a daily basis. She would tell you the same! My mother was married for 65 years to my father. They did everything together. It’s so nice to see my mom do things on her own, creating new friendships and making new memories while sharing old ones with others. Integrated has truly given life back to my mother!

What do you enjoy most about her living where she does?
The friendliness, kindness and compassion of the staff not only to my mom, but to others in the community. Her community is always clean, and the staff are always available if she needs assistance with her apartment. She is safe, happy and secure – I couldn’t ask for more.

What is one thing you would tell others who are in your position, with a parent or loved one who hesitant to move forward?
Visit the community and let your parent or loved one make the decision that feels best for them. Converse with the residents and staff and get to know the community beforehand. My mother was a part of the decision-making process from the very beginning, selecting her own residence with the perfect view and features for her. She was grateful for this and it made the experience much more exciting and enjoyable for all of us.

Are you happy with Mom's decision to make the move? Do you think she's happy?
Not only are my brothers and I happy with the decision, but my mother is too! I know she is happy she made the choice to move when she did, and we’d be regretting it had we not made the right decision at the right time. It has given me a sense of security knowing my mother is safe with friends and that there is always someone there in the event something should happen to her. The move has given us more time, more smiles and more memories. As her son, that is something I will cherish forever.

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