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Integrated Among First In Line to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

Integrated Among First In Line to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine


Integrated Senior Lifestyles has been at the forefront throughout this pandemic in ensuring the safety of all residents. With the latest news of a viable vaccine coming, the natural next thought is how you can ensure you or your loved one are among the first to receive. Through deliberate planning and action, Integrated has confirmed placement in the phase1b distribution, meaning we will be among the first to receive vaccination. This means all who reside in our communities will receive the vaccination well ahead of when they otherwise would. Knowing this, the easiest way to ensure you are among the first to receive the vaccine is to become a resident at one of our communities.

Pfizer has announced that their vaccine is 95% effective, and could be ready for distribution by the end of this year. What most do not understand is that the Centers for Disease Control has a specific tiered system for distributing the vaccine nationwide. By being placed on the phase1b distribution, moving into one of our communities not only guarantees safety during this pandemic, but will now provide direct access to moving past this virus. While finding the cure is a medical sensation, providing to 300+ million people is an entirely new challenge.

With the times as uncertain as they are, your health and well-being shouldn’t be. You can rest assured, knowing that Integrated has been at the forefront of being a part of the solution. When the vaccine is ready, we will be ready – and with the help of Integrated, you can be too.

Click this video to hear Integrated’s additional tips on how you can mitigate your risk, and what we’re doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within our communities.



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