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2023 Holiday Gift Guide


The holidays are here, which means it’s time to dive headfirst into the thrill of present-picking and gift-giving galore. 

Whether you have a tight budget or want to spend a lot, our gift guide has options for you.
Happy shopping and happy holidays to you and all your loved ones!



Luggage Tags  

The universal utility for all travelers - a luggage tag. Their durability, security features, and potential for personalization make them suitable for both individual and corporate gifting.


Plant Terrarium  

plant propagation, reproduction, plant terrarium kit

Do you know a plant lover looking to propagate some of their beloved plants? We’ve got the perfect gift solution for you. This aesthetic-looking plant propagation allows the recipient to grow up to three new plants for your home or office! Offer the chance to explore new plant possibilities without splurging on real new plants!


Magsafe Wallet & Card Holder 

A MagSafe wallet and card holder on the back of a phone is a practical and stylish gift choice. This handy item allows quick access to essential cards and minimizes the need for a separate wallet.

The slim design not only saves space but also aligns with the minimalist trend in everyday carry items. This accessory is stylish and modern, adding both functionality and a touch of modernity to the recipient's daily routine.


Candle Warming Lamp  

A lamp that doubles as a candle warmer makes a versatile and thoughtful gift for the candle enthusiast. The dual functionality provides ambient lighting and a soothing atmosphere, offering a retreat from daily stresses.


Phone Screen Magnifier 

Know someone who is in the habit of watching TV from their small phone screen? Gift them a smartphone screen magnifier. This phone screen magnifier shows your screen in 3D form in 14, 16, or 18 inches. The best part is it's an affordable option and perfect for everyone! 


National Park Puzzle 

national park puzzle  

Puzzles are a fun way to chill and have a good time, whether you're flying solo or hanging out with friends. Plus, they offer a mental challenge! Gift this to the National Park travel enthusiast!


3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station  

This is a great option for that one person you know who plugs in multiple devices and travels with multiple charging cords. Ditch all the cords and charge multiple devices on one unit. It saves space and simplifies the charging routine. The cost-effectiveness, travel-friendly design, and universal compatibility enhance its practicality, providing a thoughtful and valuable gift without exceeding a budget.


Pickleball Set 

We all knew a pickleball set would make the gift idea cut this year with how fast the sport is growing worldwide! Join in and buy your loved one a set that promotes activity and could serve multiple purposes as a gift. 


Air Fryer 

We know your loved one has been seeing all those trending air fryer recipes and would love to try them for themselves. An air fryer can cook in different ways, like frying, baking, and grilling, to suit different cooking preferences. Air fryers are popular and modern gifts because they are useful and have a trendy and new appeal.


Wine Tasting

Wine-tasting events serve as an excellent gift for all couples 21+. They provide a shared experiential enjoyment and the opportunity to create lasting memories.

The classy vibe, combined with delicious treats and interesting insights, amps up the whole experience. These events let couples spend time together, try different foods, and relax in a calm setting. This is a thoughtful and memorable gift option.


Winter Getaway

weekend winter getaway vacation

Gifting a short winter getaway for the holidays is a thoughtful and lasting option. It gives a person a break from their usual routine, allowing them to relax and recharge in a new place. Winter atmosphere brings joy and creates special memories, making it a cherished and meaningful present. You can choose how much money to spend on this option, making it a great gift for someone special. 





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