Cost of Living Comparison

You’d be surprised what costs you might currently be incurring in your home. Use this worksheet to calculate your actual expenses…you may be surprised just how affordable and rewarding all the inclusive features, services, and amenities of a retirement community can be!

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Home Ownership vs. Retirement Living

So what exactly is the difference between life at Town Village and home ownership? Though you might not have given it much thought in the past, there are many benefits to a maintenance-free lifestyle without the hassles of ownership and upkeep. Many people fear that retirement communities come with a lot of negative aspects, and they just can’t picture themselves making the transition. If you’re one of the people who feel that way, we’ve got good news for you! Your lifestyle doesn’t have to change just because your address does. Instead, it can be enhanced for the better. Below are some common concerns potential residents have voiced, and how Town Village provides solutions.

Having no mortgage on your house is a great feeling and one you can be proud of! But think about the costs of upkeep, emergency, and routine maintenance that are involved in home ownership…think of things like roof repairs, heating and cooling costs, taxes and insurance, yard work and foundation issues…the list can go on and on. So while you may not have a regular monthly bill on a note, you probably have home maintenance costs that average out to about the same price as a monthly rent, but with the added stress of handling home ownership issues. We encourage you to take advantage of our Cost of Living Comparison Worksheet to compare the value of living at Town Village.

At Town Village, you won’t give up your independence unless you choose to. Rather, once you make the choice to eliminate home maintenance and upkeep, you’ll have so much more time and resources to do what you want to do. Whether it’s a game of golf at your favorite course, lunch with your daughter, an afternoon with your grandkids, a morning walk, or a quiet moment reading a good book…bring your lifestyle with you! We simply provide you with more opportunity to stay involved at whatever level you choose.

Our selection of residences are some of the largest in the industry, which helps make your transition even easier. While your new home may have fewer square feet than your old one, you’ll find that your space is perfect for your living needs. In addition, having many neighbors close by will help you feel secure, but you won’t have to sacrifice the peace and quiet you’ve always enjoyed.

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