iN2L for Individual Engagement

iN2L offers portable systems that are ideal for individuals or small groups of residents at any level of care, providing easy access to applications that facilitate social interaction, cognitive stimulation, physical exercise, areas of interest, and reminiscing. Residents can easily share their favorite content items with each other via their personalized My Page profiles, providing unique opportunities to socialize and connect with others.

For elders living with dementia, our portable systems are perfect for reducing anxiety, engaging to refocus, entertaining to redirect, or stimulating reminiscing. iN2L’s touch screen interface is easy to use and offers the ultimate person-centered experience, offering flexibility in seamlessly moving from one content application to another to provide uninterrupted engagement.

iN2L is also a wonderful tool for engaging families. Families can use an iN2L tablet during in-person visits to spark conversations and memories. With tools such as video chat, residents can stay connected with family in the privacy of their own room.

Person-Centered Experiences in a Portable Format
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Dignity Through Technology with iN2L

iN2L provides the ultimate customizable content experience for individual engagement.

  • Audio books for learning, relaxation, and
  • Cognitively stimulating activities such as
    Happy Neuron, Sudoku, and Mahjong
  • Puzzles to challenge visual problem-solving
  • Bubble Popper to exercise hand-eye
  • Lighthearted games such as Mouse Maze,
    Blackjack and other casino games, or
    matching games
  • Staying in touch with video chat
  • Favorite videos, photos, and calming music
    or sounds for redirection