Senior Care Services That Support the Individuality of Those in Our Care

For years, heavy responsibilities have dictated where you live, where you go, and what you do each day. Even after retirement, the burden of home ownership and upkeep can hinder the freedom you once imagined. But—when you move into one of our independent living communities—all that changes. To provide the ideal lifestyle for today’s senior, you can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. At Integrated Senior Lifestyles, we strive to break the mold—providing customizable senior care services and lifestyle options for those within our care. While we offer an array of services, we go far beyond traditional care levels. Focusing on seniors’ individual preferences and desired lifestyles, we empower our residents to create a retirement they truly enjoy.

Customized Senior Care Services for Each Retirement Stage

Integrated Senior Lifestyles provides a spectrum of senior care services that align with your loved one’s distinct retirement stage. In fact, we’ve structured our options around a wide range of health needs and financial demands. However, while we offer traditional care levels such as…

…our personalized approach doesn’t stop there. You’ll find our services focus on meeting Mom or Dad’s individual needs and helping him or her craft a desired lifestyle. Whether your loved one wants a luxurious villa or requires extra assistance with daily tasks, we’ll adapt our support to meet his or her unique journey.

Integrated Senior Lifestyles


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We Go Beyond Simply Meeting Needs

When it comes to our senior care services, we know that meeting your loved one’s needs is only half of our mission. Our goal is to exceed your loved one’s expectations and ensure our residents thrive during retirement. An important way we strive to accomplish this goal? We help your loved one retain his or her individuality. It doesn’t matter whether mom wants to fill her day with activities or dad decides to enjoy a leisurely morning with a good book. We’ve created an environment where your loved one can enjoy freedom, flexibility, and independence.